Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dwarfing the Problem

3:30 A.M - Day 112, Rova  12, 3042 AP (After Peace)

Loose Ends

Sleep is still an afterthought. It is cold. It is damp. We meet up with Kargeld and his sole remaining crew member. Kargeld blocked us from getting on the ship at first. He stared us down with ferocious eyes. "You bastards tried to kill me and killed most of my crew. I don't know what you though you could pull but you can find your own ride"

Grumblejack grunted "I tired of red hairs belly aching. Time sleep." With that Grumblejack hopped on the boat from the dock. "You still liv'n, can't be killi'n if you be liv'n." 

Kargeld looked back to see Maldrake holding the clay seal Thorn gave to us. "Let us on this boat and take us to Aldencross or I break this seal and we see just how far you get with Thorn. You aren't the only one with orders. We've been running on practical no sleep since the last guard change so we got rusty. We apologize for your crew." Kargeld grumbled and let the party on the ship only partially believing Maldrake's excuse and letting us on board.  We moved onward through the foggy morning night. About 30 minutes later and far enough away from the bugbear camp that we could no longer tell where we here, there was a massive shunt to the boat. Kargeld yells out “Ice in the water! It’ll rip out our hull!”

Everyone but Kargeld, the crew member, Stryder, Urgoen and Kiliketz who was hanging out top the mast of the ship fell into the water. A surprise to us the water was not frigid in the least bit. It was cold of course but no way could their be ice.  Regardless Kargeld went along with his falsehood “Get them out! They'll freeze in that icy water!” We pulled everyone in rather easy. Kargeld still stood proud of his valiant efforts to save everyone.  When Kargeld walked over to Stixx to look as though he gave a shit, we learned later what he was actually doing was mocking us. Stixx later told us that Kargeld whispered to him "How do like my ship now?" smirked a shit eating grin and walked away. At this point Maldrake through clever telepathy with his familiar communicated to all of us to prepare yourselves because we are going to take Kargeld out before we get to the shore. 

4:00 A.M - Day 112, Rova  12, 3042 AP (After Peace)

We attacked. There wasn't much more too it, that stupid dwarf was still injured from our brawl and since no one liked the fat prick anyway no one helped him back to full heath. The fight was over in less than 30 seconds. Both of the men were dead and blood was everywhere. Grumblejack got hungry and began to feast on the dwarf and his human crew member. We shrugged and let him do his business. We took a calculated risk with this move. We had no navigator but with a combined effort and aiding Stryder who vastly had the superior survival skills directed us on the right course. 

We looted the ship completely of any valuables, grabbed our trade goods and Kiliketz steadied the rudder  as we turned it around to have it sail out to the middle of the lake.  Prior to this however we took out all goods below deck, anything that was particually dry, we splintered any crates they were in, and soaked them in some lantern oil we found below. We tired together all the rope we had and thankfully there was another one-hundred feet of rope below, it was ratty and on its last leg but good enough to tie around Urgeon to pull him to shore after he summoned a small fire elemental to start the blaze.  The ship went up with ease and sailed a few hundred more feet before going the sails went ablaze and stopped to finally burn to its end.

We liked it fine Kargeld.

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