Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Frosthamar Part II

8:30 A.M - Day 108, Rova 8, 3042 AP (After Peace)

Seal Isle Continued

We arrived. Kargeld was all ready and willing to make some extra funds. That dwarf was like a madman.  Ordering people around, saying things like "We could take as many as four boats!"  We were not buying in. Sure, we could trust Kargeld. He wasn't stupid. He loved his money too much.  However, he was wasting our time. This ignorant dwarf doesn't know what Thorn is really like. We do.
Oh so cold.

A Bunyip takes a crew member's arm!
"Oh what is the problem now you yellow land bastards? Money is to be
made here! Fine, fine miss out if you want." Urgoen, Strumm, and Grimalkin did at the last minute decide to go with Kargeld to make sure nothing was up. Urgoen reported back that it was a short trip. There was a the boat was almost capsized by two
very aggressive bunyips. Strumm and Grimalkin fell into the frigid waters as did two of Kargeld's men. Sadly Strumm and Grimalkin were unable to last long enough to allow rescue. One of Kargeld's ship mates also perished, but not due to the freezing temperatures stunning you into oblivion no they lose an arm from a Bunyip attack, went into shock and then went under. The water in the area was almost to freezing. Urgoen barely made it out.

After returning we thought of commenting about the loss of three people for what at best will amount to 150 gold pieces, one skin for each body lost right? Urgoen remarked that he felt like the captain didn't try very hard to save anyone and that we should be mindful of his future actions.

7:00 P.M - Day 108, Rova 8, 3042 AP (After Peace)

The Whale Hunters

White Tusk
Half a day later we were spotted by another ship. It was clearly not a military ship like a few days back but never the less we were not looking for trouble. We thought it best see what they wanted. We responded to the hail and banked against their ship gently. The men were not exactly tribal, that would be a gross underestimation but rather they were wild. They were natural. We could easily tell they lived off the wilderness. Kargeld as usual had his axe at the ready.

They were whale hunters. This was apparent with just a small glace to the rest of their boat and the stacks of ivory and narwhal tusks. You should have seen them, eyes tracking our weapons like children following candy. The only had ivory and the narwhal tusks for trade. The leader White Tusk an ambitious young chief in his well spoken voice told us the ivory chunks were worth 20 gold pieces each. We took on as much as we could and as much as we could bare to hear Kargeld complain about. The boat was very close to the water line and we didn't want to sink.  We took on probably three or four thousand gold pieces worth of ivory. 

12:15 A.M - Day 109, Rova 9, 3042 AP (After Peace)

The Laughing Storm

Snow. Snow. It was snowing. Not near a blizzard but flurries thick enough and a wind chill hard enough to make it feel like it. We could hardly see anything. As much as Kargeld gave us grief the smug dwarf could move a ship. It wasn't as bad as it seemed. We were bunch up very close so heat was not in shortage. With out warning, we were attacked. From the left of the ship a blast of cold nailed a quarter of us. 

Four ice elementals spawned on board the ship and started to way lay us and so battle had begun. They were not much of a fight, we all took some scratched but over all we over powered them very easy. They were very small targets and could not take much of a hit, but the entire time we kept hearing taunts and getting hit with more ice blasts. 

"Oh heee heee! You can't see me!" the mystery voice taunted. We would down one elemental and hear another taunt, "Hey that was my brother's cousin!" And so on and so on.

Kiliketz, the great ice mephit?
Finally the voice showed itself and came down to deck level and started to fight us. Unfortunately for the voice, it landed next to Maldrake who at this point had enough. With Stryder and the crew fireing upon the voice, he went down to one knee very quickly and of course just as quickly the begging started.

"Alright, Alright, ALRIGHT, ALIRIGHT, already I get it, you can't take a joke come on now, chill out, why so cold? I can be useful, let me live, I can show you!" the voice said.

Maldrake quickly quashed this, "Why should we, you just tried to kill us?"

"My name is Kiliketz, the great ice mephit of the northern seas! No wonder you tried to kill me, you've never heard of me, how sad." Kiliketz slumped. "No matter, you didn't see me coming, I could be useful, you killed all my friends, so why I don't I start making some new ones. Obviously trying to kill you means they were a bad influence."

Maldrake gave his rebuttal, "You let my pet bite you, and the harmless disease will allow us to track you. You do this, and we can trust you." Kiliketz agreed joyfully. Kargeld grunted with disapproval. 

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