Monday, August 11, 2014

Training the Bounded

5:00 P.M - Day 96, Arodus 29, 3042 AP (After Peace)

Less than four hours later we were called back to the chamber of the master. Thorn eyed us with a great admiration. His demeanor was nothing like that of earlier that afternoon. Thorn with his calm and collective voice told "Your training shall now begin. Go see Tiadora and you will return to me in three months.  Three months that I know will bring you close to Asmodeus and our ultimate plan for victory!"
Tiadora loves to teach

We trained for three months. Each week was something new for everyone of us. We learned how to do things we were never trained to do. We all learned how to try and disarm traps which through this process was a clever way to find out who could do it and who was posing.

We went through combat training, acrobatics, perception training. If the training was possible by an intelligent being we were put through. If we faltered in the least bit Tiadora gave us warnings by beating her slaves about. A few times we faltered enough to warrant punishment by her own hand. The depths of evil that flows within this mansion and its servants is far greater than Branderscar prison could have ever imagined containing. Whips and chains were used. Failure was not tolerated.
Page by page

This is all I have for this entry. Three months and this is all I could put to paper. That should give you constant reader a clear picture of how much time was allowed for us to "relax". My arms still hurt from the beatings.  

What I do know is that spring has ended and summer must be closing to an end.  It has to be soon. The heat is unbearable around here.  My sweat is staining these pages. Tonight we talk to Thorn again after three months of not seeing him. Even if we couldn't see him we felt him around. We are ready for whatever he throws at us now. It is obvious to us know that this was his intention all along.

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