Friday, August 8, 2014

The Demise of Sir Balin

3:00 P.M - Day 5, Desnus 29, 3042 AP (After Peace)

We tread carefully, but readied to leave.
We raised our wounded and calculated the best possible out come. We knew we had already discovered eight of the nine rooms Thorn told us we would encounter. We rested for eight hours collected our thoughts and decided to move forward into the last room. It had crossed our minds to escape though death was certain if we chose that. Even with a good rest we still were beaten and bruised. Our resources were getting very thin. We were getting thin After spending another eight in the torture room, it was time to move on to the final chamber.

Above the door was yet one more inscription.

“Serve thy master well and be rewarded.”
We hoped this would be the last.

It was barred and locked. There was a key on a giant ring. After everything we have been through this seemed too easy. Stryder cold and calculating as he is, was getting impatient. Stixx searched for traps and found nothing. Stryder took the key and unlocked the door. He lifted the bar off the door, and kicked it right open. Awaiting beyond the door was a well suited knight bearing yellow and blue coat of arms. This man was in amazing condition and we could not figure out why he was here until we looked around his neck.  The pendant that Thorn sent us after was around his neck.  Maldrake quickly identified it as a Mitra holy symbol.

We lined up for an attack with Grumblejack stacked in the ten foot doorway. The knight was calm and simply asked us "Why are you down here and who sent you?"

Grumblejack was putting up with no shit today.
Urgoen stated only one word, "Asmodeus." That alone was all it took to set events into motion. With in seconds the battle escalated quickly. Grumblejack flex his arm towards the knight with the intent to flash his forsaken brand. Grimalkin and Strumm both agreed that this guy is part of the Knights of Alerion, the
Urgoen came packing with a pack.
group that is tasked with throwing us in prison. That about all the time we had to discuss any tactics before the knight charged Grumblejack.

With only a couple strikes the knight brought down Grumblejack who was already in a sorry state from the last sixteen hours of fun. He dropped like a sack of potatoes and from there events were concrete and in motion if there had been any doubts of this.  The knights eyes met with that of Kallista and he saw her outward display of Asmodeus and bellowed, “A Forsaken of Mitra!” he says if the mark is shown. “I know not what deviltry has allowed you to be free, but I swear by the Shining Lord that I will see this injustice righted! Mitra will protect and guide me!”
Grimalkin charges.

Stryder and Strum let loose volleys of arrows from the back pelting the fanatic knight.
Urgoen summoned forth a fiendish hound to attack the knight as Grimalkin began to setup for a flanking maneuver. Kallista cast a spell of acid in his direction and moved into place to attack the devoted knight of Mitra. She got one good strike off but was easily dispatched by the knight. The
The knight fell.
summoned hound took a few bits of flesh from the knights leg as Maldrake swung fast and hard with his weapon to deliver an unbelievable strike.  Grimalkin then manged a well timed strike with his long sword. Stixxs dropped an explosive right into the middle of fray slightly injuring Grimalkin and doing nothing to Kallista, while the Knight screamed in pain and uttered more useless threats. The knight missed an attack against Grimalkin allowing Maldrake to recharge the party through his evil channeled energy. This turned out to be futile as the knight simple struck down Grumblejack as the ogre's unyielding fist attempted to crush him. A cleave ended Kallista once more and left her almost in a state of complete death. It wasn't until Strumm and  Stryder landed perfect strikes and downed the zealous knight with two well places arrows through the man' weak spots in his armor.

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