Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Loose Ogre in The Dalliance

10:30 A.M. - Day 115, Rova  15, 3042 AP (After Peace)

Day 4, 26 days remaining

We made our way back tediously as we did on the way to the cottage. After thirty minutes and getting back to the south eastern part of Aldencross we saw two soldiers charging from the south and getting ready to pass us. We were hidden enough to not be seen but Urgoen quickly disguised himself as one of the soldiers and jumped out to meet them.  
Urgoen changes quickly to get into the fray and investigate. 

"What is going on here, what is the ruckus about?!" Urgeon blurted out.

"There is no time for twenty questions solider, there is an Orge on the loose in The Lord's Dalliance." one of the men informed Urgoen.

"Well lets go, what are we waiting for?" , demanded Urgoen. 

Maldrake quickly ordered his familiar, "Little one, I need you to fly as fast as you can and get to Grumblejacks room and get that iron circlet right away!" The beast screeched, went invisible and off it went.

And so they went. Drae went slowly to the inn, while Maldrake disguised himself as Sir Balin, while Kallista, and Stryder adorned themselves as Knights of Alerion. Quickly Kallista and Maldrake go the rear of the Inn and find two guards blocking the door. 

"We are covered here, you cannot go in right now, there is a beast in there!" The scared soldiers warned. 

Kallista could feel her blackblade surging with a need to murder this worthless guard and she had to hold her composure. Thinking of it later we could not believe she was able to do it. Maldrake ordered the spineless men, "I Sir Balin, Captain of the Knights of Alerion command you to stand aside. This is the ogre that we have been following for months since he had escaped from Branderscar prison!"

Confused and worried the guards still stood their ground and said "I'm sorry Sir Balin, but our orders are from Balentyne, if we move it's our hides!"

Kallista had enough. She intimidated the worried men. "Get out of our way and that is an order! You have no idea what you are dealing with here and if your superiors knew of your incompetence and your impeding of catching a known dangerous monster like this you might find yourself in Branderscar with the beast!" The men move aside as Styder, Maldrake, and Kallista burst in. 

From the front Urgeon and Stixx also looking like normal guards burst in through the front to see Maldrake, Stryder, and Kallista come in from the back. There was Grumblejack, going absolutely crazy pounding his fist and scaring the barkeep as he sat cowering in a puddle of his own piss and it smelled like he may have shit himself as well.  A couple unlucky patrons remained in fear in the corner and two guards were already in the Inn trying to net the beast and failing. 
Dwarven solider attempts to tackle the ogre.

As soon as Urgeon entered he looked out the window to summon his eidolon to crash through it. "The beast has summoned a spawn of hell!" a commoner out side yelled. The eidolon ran to the basement as he commanded with a quick yelp in infernal. With all the commotion and yelling no one noticed. With this distraction Urgeon quickly moved to the basement to hide in the secret tunnel. Stixx came with him.  There they stayed. 

I have it master Maldrake. I have the circlet, what should I do?

Bring it down stairs we will need it for the ogre very quickly we think. 

Maldrake and Kallista pull off the guards, "Back off, we know how to handle his, we've dealt with him before." Maldrake ordered as Sir Balin. The guards backed off.  Grumblejack leaned over the counter panting. Kallista brought the guards to the other side of the room pretending to be concerned. 

Little one, tell this creature I am Maldrake and Grumblejack need not be afraid. 

Grumblejack this is Maldrake please calm down. The man you see next to you is not one of those it'l uns. It is me Maldrake. Your friend. Just calm down and walk with us we will get you out of this. 

Maldrake, Stryder, Kallista and the other guards walk the ogre out of town and towards Balentyne. After about 30 minutes of walking, we got far enough outside of town so incase we needed to kill some guards no one would hear them. Drae was stalking in the near by shrubs and trees staying out of sight.  

"You all should go back and protect the town, we can handle this mongrel." Maldrake suggested,

"With all due respect sir, we should get him to Balentyne." one of guards replied.

"There is still a beast loose in the inn, didn't you see it crash through the window? Townsfolk could be in danger!" Kallista balked.

Looking scared and shocked the guards nodded and started to double time it back to Aldencross. We all went to the side into some trees to lose our disguises for a bit to ease Grumblejack's mind and figure out what to do next. 

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