Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Grumblejack and Mead

8:00 P.M - Day 114, Rova  14, 3042 AP (After Peace)

Day 4, 26 days remaining

So we decided to stick around the inn for a most of the day. We processed what this tunnel could mean for us and of course ate and drank ourselves into a tizzy. Not nearly as bad a Grumblejack however. Grumblejack approached Maldrake.

Another busy night in The Lord's Dalliance! 
"Grumblejack want coin. Grumblejack want big mutton and drink like them." He pointed to other drunkards in the Inn. "Grumblejack want coin." Maldrake, not in the least bit concerned gives him a gold piece and Grumblejack in his human form clumsily moves to the bar and tells the barkeep "Grumblejack want that." and points to another patron as he hands over his gold piece. 

"So you want a cup of Dwarven stout?" He takes the coins and gives Grumblejack change. Grumblejack in an angry tone replies back to the bar keep.

"Grumblejack no want to buy more coins, Grumblejack want Dwarven Snout!"

"Stout. Alright pal, take it is easy. It will be a moment this is a lot of stout."

A few moments went by and we see the bar keep bring Grumblejack a large bucket with the Dwarven Stout in it. Sure enough Grumblejack starts to down the bucket of stout rather quickly and making a mess of himself and the barroom floor. He soon finishes and lets out a roar of a belch and goes back to see Maldrake and asked again, "Grumblejack want coin. Grumblejack want more snout of dwarves."

It was time for Grumblejack to leave.
Maldrake hands him his share of the gold he has accumulated since escaping and tells him to go buy what he wants. This sum was easily over two-thousand gold pieces. Never the less, Grumblejack doing what he was told walked back to the barkeep and dumped the pouch of gold pieces on the counter and it went sprawling all over. Grumblejack recites as he did before, however the bar keep looks at him and simply put the coins back in the bag and tell him he is too drunk. He takes one coin and gives him another bucket and yells to Maldrake, "You need to get your friend to bed, he's going to drink himself to death and poverty!" 

So we did. We took him up to his room and with in almost a few seconds as if on cue dropped face first onto the floor and his circlet went rolling away. He turned to his normal self and we locked him in the room and went to discuss what we had planned for the next day. After a short discussion we thought it best to try and find out what was hiding at the south east part of town. Maldrake had a plan. 

"Get some sleep, we've got a long day tomorrow." Maldrake advises as we went back to our rooms for the night. 

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