Friday, September 19, 2014

A New Found Friend

11:45 A.M - Day 115, Rova  15, 3042 AP (After Peace)

Day 4, 26 days remaining

Off the beaten path we realized it was time to have a real heart to heart.  We started to see that Grumblejack has been a follower, a lackey, a minion. He was here with us because we didn't tell him to leave.

Three miles away from Aldencross.
Kallista and Maldrake started to converse about the subject and Maldrake said we should kill him off. He has almost jeopardized our efforts.  We were lucky enough to be able to baby sit him with his circlet of disguise but the point of failure we encountered is not really teaching him how it works. Afraid of tipping off Grumblejack to such an awful turn of events they started to speak in Abyssal. Maldrake continued on with is his protests that the Ogre would ruin the mission but Kallista insisted that his muscle could come in handy.

Maldrake suggested that they take him in shackles straight to Balentyne and infiltrate the fort that way. Kallista scoffed at such an idea. She made remarks that while that idea has worked a few times in their travels she mentions that the drunkards down at the inn talk as if there are hundreds of soldiers and that Maldrake isn't being realistic.

This bickering went back and forth for a few minutes and Grumblejack interrupted them both, "Grumblejack would not have made it half as far as this without his friends. If not for you, Grumblejack might have died in filthy prison cell with great deeds undone! Now, together, we do great and terrible deeds! Grumblejack grateful that you friends share in his adventures!”

They looked at him with dumbfounded admiration and tried to explain what happened with him at the tavern. "These circlets can make you look like something else. You only need to think about it and concentrate but it only lasts ten minutes. Can you tell time?" Maldrake asked.

"I can tell time whatever Grumblejack is supposed to tell him. Who be time, he a friend?" Maldrake shakes his head.
Grumblejack mid change.

"Just try to think about looking like a human." Maldrake suggested.

"You want Grumblejack to look like 'ittl uns?" Grumblejack asked.

"You can look like that tasty dwarf on the ship." Maldrake replied.

Grumblejack smiled and closed his eyes and soon enough we were looking at Kargeld again. We all nodded in approval and began to walk back to Aldencross. Ten minutes later Grumblejack's form
changed back. We shook our heads.

"Grumblejack you need to watch your hands. If they look like they are changing, you need to think again about being that dwarf." Kallista mentioned.

Grumblejack turned back into the dwarf again and began to walk with one hand out in front of him. We sighed and tried to be patient with the beast. It seemed to work for him for now. We all agreed though that he could very well become a liability if we don't have a better way to keep him in check. There may be places he can roam free as himself but here it is far to dangerous. 

1:00 P.M - Day 115, Rova  15, 3042 AP (After Peace)

Along the way back he would lose his form a few times but he was slowly gaining it back again. We did finally make it back to the Inn and we got Grumblejack up to his room which had a door that had been barely repaired and clearly had been knocked off the hinges with ease.  We decide to bring the ogre drinks and food instead of letting him stay down with us while we listened to more rumors for the night. 

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