Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meeting the Master

3:00 P.M - Day 1, Desnus 25, 3042 AP (After Peace)

We awoke from a grand sleep that will never be matched again. We slept like logs. We enjoyed our freedom. It was short lived however, Tiadora is here. We know why. We know it is that time.

She walked us with out Grumblejack to the Master's chamber. As the dark pine doors opened we saw him. Tiadora lead us to a beautifully appointed office richly decorated with dark wood and sumptuous brocade tapestry. Sitting in a leather high-backed chair we saw a devilishly handsome fellow whose smile we could never forget.
The Master

For the next few moments were were in awe as he spoke to us. 

“I believe you to be the first to ever escape from Branderscar Prison. Well done! Of course, you had help from the outside,” he said with that wicked smile.

“But enough with the pleasantries. You must be curious why I’ve helped you. Rest assured this is no random act of altruism. I have brought you here for a reason. My name is Cardinal Adrastus Thorn. I am the last high priest of Asmodeus left on the island of Talingarde. Once the
Prince of Nessus was rightly revered alongside the other great powers. Now, the king of Talingarde has become a puppet to Mitran fanatics who wish to destroy any religion that does not bow to their insipid sun god."

He stroked his small beard and continued on.

“For their blasphemy, I will see the same people who imprisoned and condemned you suffer. I understand what you went through for I have faced it myself.” 

With that, he pulled down the sleeve of his robe and reveals his own runic ‘F’ brand. 

“I am going to burn Talingarde to the ground and from the ashes I will build a new nation that knows its rightful master. I cannot do this alone. I seek servants worthy of our Infernal Father’s majesty. Have I found them in you?”

That is when he rose and we all twitched in surprise. He asked us “Join me! Serve me well in this holy endeavor and I will raise you up in the eyes of gods and men. I will make you princes and princesses of the new Talingarde. Today, swear fealty to me and to Asmodeus.

We didn't know what to expect. We saw him reach for a quill, a dagger, and piece of leather to write on. He presented us with the contract of the bounded.

The Contract

Only one of us dared speak up to what could only be described as a lunatic and that was Strumm to ask what was in it for him. Thorn only pointed him to the third loyalty and handed him the quill and the dagger.

Spend correctly.
One by one we slashed our palms and dripped the blood into the ink jar to which we signed the pact.  Once completed the Thorn spoke one last time.

“Well done. Your first command: prepare yourselves. Stay within the manor. You are still hunted by the Talirean soldiery. In three days we begin your training.”

Prepared ourselves we had. We used a small stipend of 200 gold pieces to ready our basic needs. We had no idea what to expect.

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