Monday, June 9, 2014

Crossing the Moors

 3:30 A.M - Day 1, Desnus 25, 3042 AP (After Peace)

It didn't take long to find our way from Branderscar through the moor. We had a keen idea of where to be and where to go. Our survival skills were in top form this morning.

Never travel the moors at night.
We could barely see it by the moonlight on the large pool with in the lush wetlands. Through giant moldy oaks and brush that you could hide a hill giant behind we saw what looked like some horse or camel carrying someone on it's back and struggling across the water.

There was a sound. There was a struggle among the fog followed by a splash, grunt and gurgle. A giant frog, 10 or 12 feet in bulk lunged from under the cover of the moss covered water.  We had to make a choice and that choice was to kill this beast because it could turn on us next.

We made our way down to the pool. As we closed in, we noticed it recoil slightly as though struck by something though we could see this injured being not make a single move yet, he was caught totally off guard. We continued to close in. 
Who was the mysterious archer?

Stryder took a careful shot and even through the thick mists he landed a brutal shot. Grumblejack splashed in following soon by Maldrake and Kallista. Fear for his safety, Stixx stayed on shore as this water was coming up to the waist of the bigger folk. He need not drown after the day he has had.  While we all closed in on this beast from beyond the lagoon 

Vix'thra like a coward retreated yelling "I don't know what that woman expected but you are crazier than shit house rats if you think I'm going in there!"  And so he did, his lumbering animated dead following him away. 

Not much of a challenge.
Through the midnight glare a few us could see the "F" branded on his mans upper arm. A forsaken, another escapee of Branderscar! We readied out weapons for battle. As we did so this being noticed us but didn't seem to care and continued to fight for his life. Across the moor we discovered who struck first.  A pair of humanoids, possibly human or elf at the time it was too hard to tell had weapons ready. 

Needless to say the beast didn't put up much of a fight after all. We hamstring it's hind leg and broke one of it's front ones and while it could barley keep afloat Grumblejack slammed the frog to its death below the murky waters.

Careful studying of the area revealed tracks leading away from our main path. We thought maybe it could be a lair or lead us to more of them and if that be the case we moved on instead of venturing that way. Before we could do that we had to make sense of these new adventurers. 
Which path will lead to the manor we so seek?

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