Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Finding the Manor

4:45 A.M - Day 1, Desnus 25, 3042 AP (After Peace)

After defeating that beast in the marsh we only had a brief moment for introductions. We met up with these other three forsaken known as Grimalkin, Strumm, and Urgoen. All we knew really at this point was that they hard a much harder time than we did of escaping. We could only assume that if a forsaken had escaped from Branderscar and they were in the moors, they were going to the manor.

Through careful and coordinated survival skills the moors proved no issue for us. We arrived at the manor with an hour of defeating that swamp beast.

Look for the single lantern in the upper story.

Like an angel or so you think.
We could see the large, imposing house sitting upon the top of a hill.  It was surrounded with barbed wire fencing and painted a dark green.  As Tiadora had informed us we saw a lone lantern burning in the upper story. We decided to enter and change our lives forever.

As we came to the door we were greeted by Tiadora once more but she was dressed in a beautiful white gown, a striking polar opposite from when she arrived at Branderscar.  She welcomed us in her sly and quite way and called forth slaves to help us get into clean clothes and gathering food and drink.

She led us to our room and provided us with special healing wine to cut into the last days worth of injuries. Some needed more than one swig to do the job.  Our rooms were immaculate and while modest in looks, appear to all of us as a stay fit for royalty after coming from Branderscar.  Regardless it was remarkable and well deserved.

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