Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Final Trek

3:00 A.M - Day 1, Desnus 25, 3042 AP (After Peace)

Finished with his ritual and equipped with his new zombie companion, Vix’thra arrives down stairs to an unearthly sight. Stryder is sitting in a pool of blood next to a pile of neatly stacked corpses and all their gear neatly stacked up. Vix’thra revives the rest of the party with channeled negative energy and the party scours the remaining rooms. 

Maldrake coup de grace three sleeping and drunk out of their mind guards in the barracks. Cleaned out their chests and the party took what they could from the storage facility. After finding a map of the prison in Blackerly’s office, they knew where all the guards are posted and their shifts.  We found it best to dress everyone up in guard uniforms and walk Stixx and Grumblejack out as prisoners. The password of the week is Hesterfield which was obtained from the chests in the barracks. 

Armed with little of weapons and armor, no spell book for Kallista and no Alchemist lab for Stixx we strolled up as a group to the second post and fed the barking dogs in their kennel doggy treats they also found in the barracks storage area. This kept them quite long enough to walk to the final post at the beginning of the prison. Those guards looked alarmed but with passwords in hand and guard uniforms on, they easily bluffed the late night guards into thinking their shifts were ending and they had to take these prisoners out to the nearest town for judgment. Because no new guards have arrived naturally the current post split up and went to check on the main compounds guards. 

It would be five minutes before they would know what had happened and it gave us ample time to run off into the foggy morning night air across the moor ahead instead of our mysterious guest waiting for us at a nearby manor. Travel is expected to be about an hour according to our map.
What is next?

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