Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Blood

9:00 P.M - Day 0, Desnus 24, 3042 AP (After Peace)

We’ve got through the worst of it. We’re not shackled any further. We have Grumblejack on our side, with a potion taken from the magical veil and strong encouragement from Kallista he’s ready to help.

Stixx lined up behind some cells to the right of the main door, ready to drop a bomb on the guard who pulls out his annoying signal horn. “I’ll be wearing that for a hat after this.” 
No great loss.
Stryder stood ready to charge at anyone coming through the door. Maldrake and Kallista readied themselves for battle and Grumblejack was waiting to make some noise to bring the guards in. The rest stood ready to cause some major pain. 

The guards as planned rushed in with their leather clubs ready to beat on our heads and feet. The first through the door had the club and a shield while the second had a club and the horn. It was clear from their shocked faces they were not ready for the destruction that ready to happen. Stixx tossed a bomb and struck the horn blower perfectly and we bashed against them like the water against the rocks below Branderscar. With only rusty manacles and a couple daggers we overcame what little resistant they put up. The horn blower tried hard to set off the alarm but with that slight lapse in combat judgment, Maldrake unleash a bite to his throat causing gout of blood from the horn instead of a robust signal. 

With those simpletons out of the way we waited. Vix’thra demanded we allow him to perform an 8 hour ritual on one of the corpses of the fallen guards for a zombie companion.  To best account for any interrupts we locked him in Grumblejack’s cell so he could fully concentrate. We then locked ourselves with in the core cell block and waited.

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