Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Escape

We arrived shortly after sunset.

7:00 P.M - Day 0, Desnus 24, 3042 AP (After Peace) 

We five lowly inmates find our way from what could only be the lowliest of place in all of Talingarde: Branderscar Prison. After being chained together and hauled through the moors outside of the prison all day we arrived shortly around sunset to be branded with the iconic "F". Marked as forsaken for the rest of our lives we await only three days to escape or face certain death. We must escape.

A little cramped for our taste..
 We spent the first couple hours going over why were are here and what we can do to escape. It became rather apparent to Maldrake, the tiefling cleric of Szuriel and Vix'thra the aasimar cleric of Urgathoa that if this was going to work, it needed to be done once, right, and free of any mistakes. While Maldrake and Vix'thra began to formulating a plan, Vix'thra was pulled away for a private meeting with a mysterious guest we were not expecting.

Maldrake, Cleric of  Szuriel
Maldrake shared this story until Vix'thra returned. "As a man I jumped from town to town and in time found that I was more excepted when war was raging, my appearance was the least of their issues. I also found that money could be made from war. I would walk the field at night after the battles were over or on hold and collect the weapons and armor that could be cleaned and re-sold. I also found Szuriel and her love of war. You may know her by her other names: The horseman of War, Angel of Desolation or the seraph of devastation. When wars were not going on, I found ways to start them by turning brother against brother and getting a kings army to fight targets of my choice. Well here I am incarcerated for Sedition, I got the rumor mill going about an attack on the city, and how the King was not going to oppose the attack, he was going to let the city get sacked, but I guess I tried one to many times and King Markadian V was able to see thru my seditious act to get the people to push him to declare war on a nearby city. I have never met anyone that was such a goody-two-shoe."

The unexpected visitor, Tiadora.
Despite her underlying grief she was all business once the guards left her sight.  She had some powerful control over the Sgt Blackerly to allow such an intrusion at a high security prison.

To the untrained eye, it is a simple veil. To a curious Vix'thra and a savy Maldrake through magical prowess quickly saw this strange item's potential. Identifying it as a Veil of Useful Items, they knew exactly what to do.  A potion for half-ogre, lock picks for the goblin, daggers for Kallista and Maldrake, as well was a pouch with a day’s worth of chemicals.

This mysterious guest known only as Tiadora left Vix'thra with a cryptic message about meeting her master out past old moor road and that it was our challenge to escape. 

Vix'thra, Cleric of Urgathoa
Vix'thra returned shortly after to distrustful glances but redeemed his honor quite quickly after he revealed the hidden gem his strange guest granted him. He was rather eager to end the lives of the drunken guards to perform an extensive ritual for an undead servant. 

This is when we noticed the strange half-ogre Grumblejack in the cell next to us. He was beaten, bruised, bleeding and overall just in rough shape. He about lost his mind watching Maldrake cast a simple detect magic. He
huddled in the corner for half an hour. 

We removed the lock picking tools and tasked a quirky Goblin alchemist by the name of Stixx with the duty of freeing the rest. 
Stixx, Goblin Alchemist

Despite looking absolutely out to lunch, he removed our bonds with few mishaps and those that did happen we easily covered up with careful stealth.  

Kallista, Tiefling Magus
Kallista, our tiefling magus told the tale of her capture after dueling to death a dishonorable peon who instead of dying with dignity ran to the authorities. Talingarde has no time for dueling to death and thus sentenced her to beheading. She became instrumental in finding, no, rather forcing, an unlikely ally in the cell next to them with a half-orge named Grumblejack.  

Stryder, the quiet archer.
Staying quiet to himself there is Stryder, a catfolk fighter who has a preference for bows. His story was brief and to the point. “My name is Stryder and here is my story. When I was a kitten I was often bullied day in and day out. I've learned to wear homemade armor to soften the blows that the bullies kept on giving to me. As I grew, I found a life of solitude a better way to go. Supporting me was not easy so I started to fraud people out of their money until eventually I got too greedy and now my punishment is to work hard labor at the salt mines for a life time. I don’t plan on allowing that to happen. Let’s go.”

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