Thursday, October 23, 2014

Inn Trouble

6:00 A.M - Day 116, Rova  16, 3042 AP (After Peace)

Day 6, 24 days remaining.


There was a knock at the door. A hunched over old lady answered the door. 

"Mama, it's time again, lets get your stew up and out!" a solider gleefully exclaimed.
Drae gets to work.

"Oh deary me my boys. I don't think I can today. My back is all bad after making this last batch. Please though, take the stew to the hard working soldiers.  I will see you next month for the next batch." She croaked.

"Oh alright mama, it sure won't be the same with out you there. You get some rest mama." the soldiers said as they helped load the giant cauldron. 

As the door closed, Drae revealed himself and because to quickly pull up the floor boards once more so he could properly dispose of the body. The only place he could think to hide her was the tunnel below the Dalliance.

9:00 A.M - Day 116, Rova  16, 3042 AP (After Peace)

Day 6, 24 days remaining.

The Dalliance
The Dalliance still a mess.

We awoke today to pounding on the front door of The Lord's Dalliance. There was shouting as well. We all went down to the main area of the tavern. We peeked through the shutters and saw a crowd of about ten or eleven townsfolk and just as many soldiers.

"Come on Bellam! What is the hold up? We want our breakfast and coffee. You oversleep again you god damn lush! You were suppose to be opened three hours ago" a disgruntled solider bellowed.

Stix ran to Maldrake's room and pounded on the door. "Maldrake! Wake up." He pounded on the others door as well and they began to stumble out. "We have customers!"

Maldrake shook his head in disbelief and looked to Kallista who just stepped out of her own room. "Bellam is haunting us again. We killed him but we didn't think about his business." He put on his circlet and turned into a common chef. "Well, lets go we have customer's waiting."

Kallista, Urgeon, and Stix did the same. They let the few people in  and quickly apologized and tried their best to scrounge up some grits and pieces of meat.  The patrons scoffed at the obviously shoddy food and drink. They ate it none the less.  Maldrake could see Kallista's temper being tested with all the Mitra-loving scum.

Time was not on our side.  We also had to wonder what happened to Drea. Did he actually make it to Mama's house? Did we make a mistake trusting him? So many questions still left unanswered.  Or we so we thought. Almost as though a request for a response were surveyed among the tavern patrons we heard surprisingly great news all things considered.

"I need this pay, I can't be sent home because that damn priest thinks we might be coming down with something. Maybe if those soldiers who were sick would keep their pants up instead of in bed with whores I could be working right now!"

Curious Urgeon looking as a chef approached the young man and asked "What happened to the soldiers?"

"Some sickness. I'm not sure what, it happened about an hour ago. The troops were having a great time, they were enjoying Mama's soup, even though she couldn't make it because her back was ailing her." 

Urgeon replied, "Oh, how many? Is it serious?"

Smartly the soldier came back with, "How the hell should I know? I'm not a medic! All I know is about seven died and twenty-seven of them down and out with sickness!"

Urgeon walked away smiling once his back was turned. Clearly Drae succeeded. 

We shuffled on for about another hour and as the crowds died off but before the lunch hour could hit us, we decided to put up signs in The Lord's Dalliance advising patrons that they would be closed for at least three weeks because Bellam and his wife had to leave to go to Ghastenall to see about her parents. We had no idea if this is where the parents were or if they were alive but the chances were in our favor that the patrons don't know either.  Regardless, we were going to infiltrate Balentyne tonight. The clock had started for us. 

However at least for a few days if things go badly we know this place can be our refuge. 

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